A vital part of your Employee benefits package is the Employee Assistance Program. This is especially true these days with the popularity of “high deductible” health insurance packages. While high deductible insurance plans offer savings on the premium paid, the downside is that the individual must pay all of the costs of care until they have met their deductible. For some healthcare affiliated services (like counseling) an individual may choose to not receive services due to the expense which they will incur. However, offering an EAP benefit is an effective way to bridge this gap and save an employee a significant financial outlay which could be as much as approximately one thousand dollars per episode of counseling.


Associates in Employee Assistance offers an eight (8) session per calendar year model. This is vastly superior to most EAP’s which offer only three sessions. Most counselors and clients would agree that three counseling sessions is just barely enough for the counselor and client to get to know each other, identify the concerns and a strategy to address the problem, and form a trusting therapeutic relationship. Even counselors who specialize in “short-term therapy” typically identify the counseling process as taking between five and eight sessions.


While it might be hoped that after receiving three EAP counseling sessions, the employee would continue paying for any continued counseling themselves, the truth is that they rarely do. Instead they usually discontinue counseling, not having made much noticeable improvement. Therefore, an eight session model is preferred because the employee can begin to see some progress in that time, and is significantly more likely to continue in counseling beyond the eight sessions, if needed. Exposure to a longer term of counseling is more likely to lead to effective changes being made and for those changes to be reinforced for lasting benefit.


If Associates in Employee Assistance was strictly run by business professionals we might be mostly interested in our bottom line and offer a three session model like most other EAPs. But we are owned and run by counselors, who are genuinely interested in effectively helping the people we serve. And because we are counselor owned and operated, we have minimal overhead and offer very competitive rates for our services, while at the same time offering better quality services.


Finally, all counselors of Associates in Employee Assistance have at least 25 years experience providing counseling services to clients. We do not sub-contract with outside providers, and the professionalism, competence and high quality of our “in-house” counselors make Associates in Employee Assistance simply the best EAP you will find in the Rochester, NY region.



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