Associates in Employee Assistance believes that face to face contact with your employees is the ONLY true, honest and valid measure of utilization. Associates in Employee Assistance will provide your company with a semi-annual utilization report. Because we are bound by HIPAA confidentiality laws, absolutely no employee identifying information will be shared, but rather a percentage of your company’s workforce that has used the benefit.


We believe in the highest ethical standards of utilization reporting and follow the Employee Assistance Professional Association’s (EAPA) guidance on calculating utilization. Therefore, we consider “utilization” to mean ONLY a face to face, initial appointment with a counselor. Furthermore, we do not count follow up appointments. Likewise we do not count phone calls for information or to schedule an appointment, nor do we count website hits or attendance at an employee orientation or benefit fair.


While other EAPs inflate their utilization statistics by counting visits beyond the first one, phone calls, website hits and other questionable measures, our belief is that the EAPA prescribed method gives you the most accurate measure of your employee’s use of the benefit. According to EAPA statistics the average annual utilization of an EAP benefit is between three to six percent for companies of more than one hundred employees (which can vary significantly with smaller companies). Our current utilization rate is within the upper end of these rates reported by EAPA. It is not uncommon for some EAPs to claim utilization consistently over ten percent per year, and some even as high as twenty five percent. All we can suggest is to be wary of those claims.


To some, a utilization rate of around five percent may seem low and hence not justify having an EAP. However, consider that over the course of five years, approximately one quarter of your employees will use the benefit. Like life insurance and catastrophic health insurance there is hopefully a very slim chance that your employees will need those benefits during their working careers, but it’s peace of mind to have them in place. An Employee Assistance Program is similar in this regard, however, there is a much greater chance that your employee will eventually encounter circumstances where the EAP will be a great resource for them, and help to make them a more productive employee for your company employees and their dependents.



If you are interested in learning more about Associates in Employee Assistance please give our office a call at (585) 383-4478, and ask to speak with either Bonnie Maute or Steve Michener. We can discuss your company’s EAP needs over the phone or we would be glad to come to your location to meet with you. We can provide you with a detailed proposal which will explain all of our services, and answer any questions you might have. We can also address any special circumstances which may be unique to your company. We take pride in being flexible to the needs of the companies that contract with us.



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