Sandwich Generation and elder care are terms used to describe the adults that are care-taking their children and parents at the same time. Add holding down a full time job to this and you have a very heavy load!

Feelings of guilt, exhaustion and stress occur for those splitting time between their jobs, families and aging parents.  The Employee Assistance Program can assist you in exploring your concerns and worries during these difficult times.

Another common concern in our mobile society is the long distance relationship between ageing parents and their adult children who attempt to care for them long distance. Issues with siblings may frequently exist as to who does what in care-taking of elderly parents.

Many times families are not prepared for the legal concerns facing them at this stage of life. When a sudden or long term illness should occur it can present a very challenging situation for the care-giver.  Decision making and choices and agreement in the family can create a crisis for the care giver.  This can be seen as an emergency situation and choices need to be made very quickly for the appropriate care of the ill parent.

When you are dealing with caring for your aging parents an appointment with an EAP counselor can help you to look at your sense of obligation towards them with realistic appraisals of where you are in your life, and your goals and limitations.  Some professional and outside perspective can help you to explore your relationship with your parent and to come to terms that you can’t do everything.  Potential other outside resources can be identified for you to make use of.

Another critical component in both your well-being and the quality of care you provide your parent is in the SELF CARE that you allow yourself at this stressful time of life.  An EAP counselor can help you explore a variety of appropriate and healthful ways to care for your own emotional balance.

Associates In Employee Assistance EAP counselors can also assist you with references for support of your parent as well as help you to obtain greater peace of mind with the demands of this very challenging time in your life.



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