Human Resource Professionals and Benefits Administrators are often concerned that “rolling out” a new benefit like an EAP can be complicated and labor intensive. Contrary to this notion, Associates in Employee Assistance has streamlined the process and will assist you in getting the program up and running quickly.


In addition to our attractive, straight forward promotional materials which include wallet cards, brochures, posters and introductory letters, we also offer work site orientations to varying sizes of work groups.


These orientation presentations are as brief as 15 minutes, and what makes them most effective is that they are delivered by our engaging and personable counselors. We don’t use “marketers” to encourage your employees to use the service, but rather the actual counselors that provide our services. Evidence shows that bringing a counselor into the workplace to do an EAP orientation, greatly increases the likelihood an employee will use the benefit. Your employees concerns about confidentiality will be greatly reduced when a licensed counseling provider assures them of their complete privacy. When they hear directly from a counselor the kinds of concerns we can help them with, they will be much more likely to use this valuable resource benefit.

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