People like to feel pleasurable sensations. That is what alcohol and drug use does for us. These substances have an enjoyable effect on those who take them.


However, due to their pleasurable effects, as well as other life circumstances, we sometimes find ourselves using more and more of these substances and preferring their intoxicating effects over sobriety. Problematic use of intoxicants is a common problem, which an EAP counselor can help you address.


Often times people experience problems in other areas of their lives which may have an underlying origin in their use of drugs and alcohol. It is a long established fact that the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol must be addressed and resolved first before other concerns can be addressed. Once an alcohol or drug problem is resolved, people often find other concerns in their lives become less problematic.


Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol, even at a moderate level, can lead to physical dependence which is a significant challenge for many people to overcome on their own. Anyone who is attempting to abstain from drug or alcohol use needs to be aware that physical dependence can be both a subtle and powerful force. Long gone are the days of viewing alcohol and drug dependency problems as a result of a character flaw or moral failing. No one needs to feel ashamed to get help to overcome an addiction. This is a common problem.


Help often starts with speaking to an EAP counselor who can perform an initial evaluation and suggest a course of action. It is important to realize that counselors are there to help and you will not be judged or looked down upon. Therefore, if you decide to seek assistance please give yourself the best likelihood of getting the most effective help by being open and honest about your alcohol and/or drug use.





Below is a brief simple screening tool of symptoms commonly associated with problematic alcohol and drug use. It is not a substitute for an evaluation by a trained professional and is presented here as a way for you to gauge yourself by answering some basic questions. Answer the following questions with a simple “yes” or “no” and then consider the paragraph that follows.



  1. 1. Family and/or friends have expressed concern about my drinking or drug use.
  3. 2. As a result of my alcohol and/or drug use I have missed time at work or not performed my best.
  5. 3. As a result of my alcohol and/or drug use I have had trouble in my role as a spouse or parent.
  7. 4. I have used alcohol and/or drugs in physically hazardous situations (eg. drinking and driving, operating machinery).
  9. 5. I frequently look forward to drinking or using drugs and make plans to do so.
  11. 6. I have used more alcohol or drugs than I had initially intended.
  13. 7. I sometimes use alcohol or drugs to relieve the effects of a hangover.
  15. 8. Using alcohol or drugs helps me to sleep at night.
  17. 9. Sometimes I think my alcohol and/or drug use is becoming a problem.
  19. 10. I have attempted to quit or reduce the amount of alcohol and/or drugs I consume.
  21. 11. I have experienced withdrawal symptoms as a result of trying to not use alcohol and/or drugs.
  23. 12. I have noticed that I need to use more alcohol and/or drugs to get the pleasurable effects I enjoy.

If you answered “yes” to 4 or more of these questions Associates in Employee Assistance would encourage you to call for an appointment with an EAP counselor. If you answered “yes” to 5 or 6 of these questions you may have a moderate alcohol or drug problem. If you answered “yes” to 6 or 7 of these questions your drinking or drug concerns may be severe.






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