Bullies in School:  They are both male and female students.  Bullying starts in 3rd. grade, peaks in 8th. Grade and levels off in 10th grade.   About 15% are male bullies who do so on a regular basis.  10% are female student bullies and 1 out of 6 students will be bullied on a regular basis…..Bullies are smart and socially manipulative.  Bullying can occur in physical, social, emotional instances. It is basic instinct when people help others.  When confronted early, the bully’s have a lower risk of future behaviors.


Bullying Characteristics have the characteristics of 1) Entitlement-The “right” to get even with those they feel may irritate them or have caused them some injustice in their lives….2) They can be what is called “Hot Responders” –immediate reaction to a problem- car problems-that is someone honking at them is all about them…these behaviors often re-enforced by their parents. 3)Low empathy- little consideration for feelings of others.  This can occur in 5th. and 6th. grade girls while struggling to develop their own identity.  Bullying Characteristics and also include Provocative Victims…that is at times those that stand out to gain attention or those that really are very quiet, removed from social situations and very angry inside at their peers, parents, etc.

Bullying is enabled by Parents, Peers, Teachers and Coaches.  Their Behaviors can be physical, social and/or emotional to others.  Victim Characteristics are passive, have low self esteem, are socially isolate and unassertive.  When a teacher is s Bully they are demeaning, name callers and socially manipulative.   This speaks to the issue that schools need to have a firm policy on Bullying Behaviors and consequences for those behaviors.      







  1. 1. Most Bullying takes place: a)off school grounds b)on the way to school  c)on the way home from school d) within the school building
  3. 2. The percentage of male students who engage in bullying  behaviors in middle school and high school is: a) 5% b)10% c)15% D)20%
  5. 3. The percentage of female students who engage in bullying behaviors in middle school and high school is: a)5% b)10% c)15% d)20%
  7. 4. Bullies generally display: a)anxious insecurity b)low self-esteem c)low social status) d)none of the above
  9. 5. Bullies respond well to the following techniques: a)anger management b)conflict resolution c)peer mediation d)none of the above
  11. 6. Bullies respond well to the following techniques: a)anger management b)conflict resolution c)peer mediation d)none of the above
  13. 7. Effective techniques for victims of bullying include: a)self defense classes b)building social skills c)avoidance d)assertiveness training
  15. 8. Without intervention, the percentage of bullies with a felony conviction by 24 years of age is: a)30% b) 45% c)90% d)60%   
  17. 9. A bullying incident occurs during the school day: a)every 3 minutes b)every 11 minutes c)every 16 minutes d) every 7 minutes
  19. 10. The percentage of students who report that they do not feel safe in school is: a)25% b)37% c) 64% d) 49% 
  20. (All answers are d)….

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