There are countless research studies which clearly demonstrate that offering an Employee Assistance Program significantly increases workplace productivity while decreasing absenteeism and turnover due to the personal problems employees will occasionally experience. Numerous reports frequently claim an attractive return on investment of a ratio of 6 to 1. Furthermore, offering an EAP benefit can greatly reduce healthcare expenditures, and disability claims. These sources make a compelling case that your company should offer an Employee Assistance Program as part of your benefits package.


For Associates in Employee Assistance (a counselor owned and operated EAP), the bottom line is that an Employee Assistance Program is a resource for your employees. It’s a place for them to call when they don’t know what to do, and they don’t want their personal problems to interfere with their job. It’s a place for them to call when they need some help resolving the conflict they are experiencing in their family and personal relationships, which make them more distracted at work. It’s a place for them to call when either they themselves or someone they love is struggling with an addiction. It’s a place for them to get some help with the emotional struggles they may be experiencing, which you may not know anything about. In short, it’s a good place for them to start addressing their concerns that are of a personal nature. And it’s free for them, and easily accessible, which makes it more likely they’ll use it.


But it’s also a resource for YOU, the Employer. When an employee’s personal problems are interfering with their workplace productivity, an EAP is a place you can refer them to for help in getting things straightened out. It’s a way for you to maintain an appropriate and professional relationship in the workplace, without getting into the role of being a confidante and becoming mired in an employee’s private struggles. In some rare cases, a mandatory referral of an employee to EAP can also help make a strong statement on the need for performance improvement. And finally, an EAP counselor can also be an outside resource and sounding board to you in helping you to appropriately address an employee’s workplace performance problems.



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